Add a Welcoming Touch to Your Doorway with Door Handle
Fitting London

Fitting door handles, spyholes & mailboxes – available within the M25 in the London & Manchester areas

Have the most stylish and secure home entrance in your neighborhood

Whether you’ve just moved into a new apartment, plan on redesigning your old place, or simply need to fix a broken door handle, you can always count on Your Master to follow your individual requirements word for word. The efficient and polite handymen will know how to apply your changes without wasting valuable time, assisting you with anything from the professional peephole, doorknob, and mailbox installation to fitting door locks of any kind. To upgrade your door, the pros will:

  • Take the correct measurements to ensure that your door improvement looks and works great;
  • Use quality tools to skilfully drill a few holes and securely attach everything to your door;
  • Fit the desired doorknob, external door handles, door address numbers, etc.
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Why should you choose Your Master for your door lock installation?

The experts are available whenever you need them

The team will burglar-proof your home by providing you with instant door handle latch or front door knob repair. But if you host a classy event instead and want your door to look the part, the pros can also spruce up your entrance with fancy door handles interior or custom-built residential mailboxes.

Whatever your project needs, we can bring it along

Even a job as simple as fitting an internal door handle or a peephole will require its fair share of materials. Luckily, your specialist can shop for all nuts and bolts for you and provide them on the spot. To ensure that you are getting your money’s worth, we will list all purchased components in your final price quotation and their associated costs.

Keep your home safe with quality door handle lock repair

It’s very easy to install a door handle, but it’s quite tricky to keep it from jamming after a few weeks of use. The trusty London team has successfully modified many front entrances in the past and fitting kitchen door handles, residential mailboxes, or wide angle peepholes has almost become like second nature to them.

Free of charge cancellation

Unlike many other competing companies on the market, we will not charge you an additional fee on top if you’ve decided to suddenly cancel your session for door handle fitting in London. Just make sure to contact our cordial customer support 48 hours before the team’s arrival and leave the rest to us!