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Free Radiator Thermostat Installation

The Steps Behind Our Water Heater Thermostat Replacement in London

Thermostat fitting is a responsible task that should only be performed by licensed handymen. Upon arriving at your property, the polite and experienced handymen will follow a few simple steps to get their job done without putting your daily tasks to a halt:

  • To assure maximum safety, the specialists will start by properly disconnecting your household from the power grid;
  • The experts will then remove your old analog (or digital) thermostat unit from its designated spot;
  • When installing thermostat wiring, the team will work with utmost precision to ensure that no jumbled or exposed wires are left behind;
  • The technicians will safely connect the base and subbase of your new thermostat to a suitable power supply;
  • After troubleshooting your newly installed water heater thermostat, the handymen will complete their job by carefully attaching its stylish front cover.

Reasons to Opt for an Electric Water Heater Thermostat Replacement

Yes, analog thermostats may be a tad cheaper than their digital counterparts, but they will cost you a small fortune in the long run. For example, it takes just a few extra degrees of heat to inflate your heating bill for the rest of the winter! Add to that the often ludicrous thermostat housing leak repair costs and you can wave your savings goodbye. These old antiques may have been a benchmark for efficiency a few decades ago, but with the recent technological breakthroughs, you are no longer doing yourself a favour by keeping one around.

Changing to AC thermostat technology is not just some current trend that is bound to be forgotten in a couple of years. There are two reasons why analog thermostat removal services are enjoying such popularity. The first benefit these AC thermostat devices bring to the table is that they take much more accurate readings. Secondly, they can be easily customised to tailor your individual needs. Just connect your smartphone, laptop, or tablet to your thermostat, specify how hot or cold you want your room temperature to become at any given time, and you are all set!

To optimise your energy consumption even further, you can also opt for thermostat models that have a built-in optimum start, optimum stop, or a delayed start feature.

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If you need an electric cooker, oven, hob or hood repair service, we can help you with this, too.

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Hire Reliable Experts and Feel Right at Home with True Thermostat Replacement

Reliable Smart Thermostat Installation

Do you own an analog thermostat? Then here is some good news – you have just solved the mystery behind your excessive heating bills! These old pieces of technology often tend to display misleading temperatures, cannot communicate with any modern device, and may look out of place even in an antique shop. By upgrading your thermostat to a digital model, you will save hundreds of pounds and be able to maintain varied temperature levels for each individual room in your home! Most digital thermostats can also be programmed to follow a custom temperature schedule for every day of the week.

Swift Thermostat Maintenance

Nothing lasts forever and when your Honeywell thermostat is no longer working, you can always rely on the specialists for a thorough thermostat wiring troubleshooting. The efficient and reliable experts will always know what to do when your thermostat is not working properly and are qualified to make repairs in any given situation, for example when:

  • You experience extreme fluctuations in temperature levels: If you are freezing during the summer or dying of heat during the winter, the pros will bring their toolboxes for a swift thermostat repair;
  • Your thermostat is showing misleading temperatures: If your thermostat is dusty, tilted, or mounted in an obscure corner, your smart device may not be able to get the accurate readings it needs to work as intended. With a proper thermostat installation, the specialists will easily help you achieve optimal results in no time.

A Variety of Installation Options

When it comes to the thermostat placement itself, you have several options to choose from:

  • Like the location of your old analogue thermostat? The precise and skilled technicians can place your new digital device at the exact same spot;
  • Need to mount your thermostat in a different room instead? Just choose an appropriate wall socket and the team will happily make all the adjustments for you;
  • Wish to have your thermostat nearby? The professionals will readily supply you with a special stand, which will allow you to place your device on your work desk or any other flat surface.

Before deciding on which way to install your thermostat

you should always refer to the packaging labels, provided by your manufacturer:

  • If your digital thermostat is said to work with 1 stage heating or cooling, then your devices will be most suitable if you own separate heating and/or air conditioning units;
  • If your thermostat is compatible with 2 stage or multistage heating or cooling, then you should pair your device with heating or cooling units that run at certain low or high speeds;
  • If your thermostat can make use of direct line voltage, then you can freely power your device via 110 or 240 direct current power sources. Usually, you would only get that type of thermostat if your home features an older architecture;

If your thermostat can work with 24mV, then you can use to regulate fireplace, floor, and wall furnace temperatures; If the label mentions “Zoned HVAC”, it means that your thermostat can work with cooling and heating units mounted in several rooms, but controlled by a single system.