Forget About the Freezing Winter Outside with Expert Radiator Repair and Installation Near You

Your radiator fitter will install any radiator model and help you cut your heating bills


  • Expert advice on the choice, position, and fitting of any radiator type
  • Radiator repair experts ready to help you today, subject to availability
  • Experienced and insured Gas Safe registered engineers
  • Get your radiator repaired, replaced, or moved with 100% guaranteed workmanship
  • Enjoy a one-year guarantee covering labour at no cost

Book your local radiator expert in 4 simple steps

1.Check availability and request a quote online.

2.Meet your local technician who will inspect and take care of your radiator troubles diligently.

3.The specialist will handle them all: from the radiator supply/replacement/repair to the final tests to ensure your appliance is running smoothly.

4.Enjoy a warm home and efficient radiators.

Rely on experienced radiator experts to install the right heating appliance for your needs

Sure, the previous winter may have been mild, but can you really afford to postpone your radiator replacement any further? If this year’s capricious weather decides to strike in full force, you will need to have a suitable answer. An answer that Your Master is more than able to provide.

With each service booked, you get professional, unbiased advice and a customised radiator mounting plan that meets your high performance and cost-effective requirements. Mounting radiator valves, replacing leaking radiators, sourcing and adding new units to the central heating system, or moving a radiator to a more convenient position – the quick, precise, and seasoned experts can do it all for you. You can count on the handyman professionals if you need mounting of modern electric radiators and storage heaters, as well.

Of course, if choosing the size, type, and heating output is not your strength, the professionals will gladly help you get the right unit for your needs.

Get peace of mind with quick and efficient radiator repair in London

Having a radiator that doesn’t heat up when temperatures plummet to sub-zero degrees can be a real disaster. Thankfully, the heating engineers at Your Master are locally based and ready to help you in every emergent situation. They are pre-screened, fully equipped, insured, and Trustmark & CIPHE registered, which guarantees safe and efficient work. Whether it’s a simple or complex fix, your home will be warm again with radiators working at their peak capacity. In most cases, we can promptly supply all the necessary parts required to fix the radiator unit.

Here are some of the most common radiator issues we can help you with:

  • Radiators that are cold or too hot;
  • Trapped air inside a radiator (radiator bleeding);
  • Built-up sludge/slime inside a radiator, which can lead to blockages and corrosion (radiator power flush);
  • Radiators are cold at the bottom or cold at the top;
  • Leaking and sticking Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs);
  • Radiators are making a humming/vibrating/bubbling noise or sound louder than usual;
  • Loose radiators, etc.

If for any reason a radiator unit cannot be repaired, or it’s not economical to do so, the specialists will gladly send a quotation for a new replacement unit. However, the best route to avoid unexpected radiator failures is to invest in annual radiator and boiler maintenance. Taking preventative measures reduces not only costly repairs, but also ensures increased efficiency and heating system longevity.

Important noteGet a local Gas Safe registered engineer to perform the work on your central heating radiators to the highest standards. Safe installation and repair works can prevent health issues like carbon monoxide poisoning, exposure to which can be fatal.

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Efficient and hassle-free full-scope radiator service for any household

Licensed and proven workmanship that won’t let you dow

Every professional that we send to your property is completely qualified and has years of experience in fitting and repairing radiators of any shape, size, model and make.

Whether their job involves mounting an electric fan to a radiator, fitting radiator brackets, convector radiators, mounting vertical/horizontal, single panel/double panel radiators, or performing a new towel radiator installation, knowledgeable technicians will always abide by the latest British Standards and will closely follow your personal preferences.

We’ve got you covered with all the supplies and extra guarantees

You can let your aesthetic gut choose the right radiator to complement your home’s decor. But you don’t have to spend time arranging the delivery of radiators, any extra materials, or parts. The professionals will gladly order them for you and add the costs to your final bill. The added bonus: you get a one-year guarantee on expert labour.

Radiator installers from beginning to end

If you have a tonne of questions regarding your radiator installation or replacement service, the best option is to stop at the professionals who can offer an all-encompassing solution. YourMaster Handyman can handle all your heating needs, starting from initial inspection, custom radiator advice, supplies to one or all radiator replacement/installation and emergency repairs. This includes expert advice, balancing, and fine-tuning your heating appliances to ensure even heating distribution and maximum working efficiency.

Honest pricing method

Whether you want us to change a faulty valve or install a row of fancy central heating or portable electric radiators, your final radiator installation cost will never exceed your budget. That is because our rates depend on the actual time it takes to get the job done and not on already predetermined price tags. There are also no concealed fees, so you can always be sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Over 25 professional services are now at your fingertips

Booking an electric radiator installation session will take you less than a minute. With Your Master, you have the complete freedom to choose which repair or installation jobs need to be done first. Once you have those details down, get in touch with our friendly, round-the-clock advisers by either logging into our instant chat platform or filling in our online booking form.

Frequently asked questions

Q: When should I replace my radiator?

A: Well, your home radiator will show some signs when it’s nearing the end of its life. Some of them are:
-Your radiator lasted for decades without being properly maintained;
-You want to make the most of your new high-performing boiler;
-Central heating costs are running high because of radiator inefficiency;
-Recently, you have stumbled on frequent radiator failures, leaks, or rust in radiators;
-Or, you are at the beginning of a renovation project and want to replace your old radiators with good-looking appliances.

Q: Can you relocate my existing radiator?

A: No problem! Whether you are looking to free up valuable space, make the most of your radiator system, or match your choice of aesthetics, the professional can move the radiator unit wherever you like. He will measure your heater and its new location, check the pipework route, drain the entire system, and hang the radiator at the new position. Finally, he will refill the system and check if everything is running smoothly and safely.

Q: What other maintenance tasks can you help me with?

A: Just name what needs to be repaired or replaced, and the efficient and multi-skilled professionals will get it done in no time. Besides helping you with the installation of radiator valves or vertical electric radiators, the professionals can also assist you with just about any home maintenance or fitting task you can think of. Some of the odd jobs they can readily complete include fitting of new doors, installing modern security systems, unclogging sinks, repairing leaking pipes, and much more!

Q: Can you remove my radiator for decorating?

A: Of course! If you are in the chase of the perfect finish for your walls, hire the expert near you via our booking form and he will quickly remove the heater until you are ready to reinstall it.

Q: My radiator is leaking. Can you help me today?

A: No worries! Your heating engineers are available 7 days a week, are local to you, and can get to your place in a jiffy. Just get in touch with our friendly 24/7 customer support or check the availability through the mobile app.

Q: Do I have to provide any tools?

A: Don’t bother about the tools and equipment. From pipe wrenches, adjustable spanners to radiator valve tail keys and radiator bleed keys, the radiator experts bring all the needed high-grade instruments along in their tradesman toolbox.

Q: How many heating engineers will you send to replace my radiator?

A: If the radiator size is up to 1m, we will send one expert to your home. We take reasonable care for your and the expert’s health and safety. That’s why expect two professionals to visit your home when the radiators are heavy and bigger than 1m.

Q: How many technicians will you send to replace my radiators?

A: If the radiator size is less than 1m, one plumbing engineer will visit your home. In case your radiator(s) are heavy and bigger than 1m, removing and mounting radiator units will need an extra pair of hands. In this case, we send two technicians to observe health and safety regulations.