Our Pros know the right ingredients to transform your kitchen

Whether you’re looking to install a new kitchen worktop or upgrade an existing one, 
Our team of professionals has got all the right ingredients to make sure your kitchen worktop fitting job is done right and done well.

  • All inclusive – our Pros bring all materials, supplies and tools needed to your home
  • Fair pricing – you pay only for the actual time when work was done, not a minute more.
  • Pro-standard workmanship – each and everyone of our fitting worktops professionals are highly-trained and skilled to deliver pro-grade service
  • Comprehensive services – our worktop professionals can also attend to other tasks that you request like fixing shelves, refinishing cabinet panels, etc.

Flexible booking appointment – Book our Pros at a time convenient to you – be it on a weekday, weekend or holiday

Pro-quality fitting worktops service in 3 easy steps!

1.Ask for a quick & easy fitting quotation

2.Our Pro visits your home fully-equipped and ready

3.Our fitting worktops Pro measures, trims, fits sand installs your worktop

Our recipe for great fitting worktops services is simple: Professional standard paired with affordable fees

  • Our team of professionals comes prepared all the time

Our pros pack all the right tools and supplies before coming over to your home.So they’re all set and ready to work the minute you let them in your kitchen.No more fretting about missing tools, screws, or bolts.  No more fumbling and messing with the incorrect tool for the tasks at hand.   Whether it’s a solid surface, laminate, or wooden worktop you want installed, no fitting job is too hard for our Pros!


  • Only the well-trained, highly-skilled will do

Very much like following a cake or dish recipe, precision and skill are of utmost importance when doing fitting worktop services.  That’s the reason why we selected our professionals carefully. Only with their level of know-how and skill can truly professional-quality fitting worktops craftsmanship be possible – accuracy from measurement to cutting and trimming right down to fitting and polishing.  Need something else in the kitchen done? No problem. Our Pros are experienced and multi-skilled to tackle the other jobs you request.


  • Your kitchen gets transformed in no time at all

We understand that your kitchen is essential to your household.  That’s why our Pros apply their skills and know-how to do the fitting worktop job fast but without cutting corners or sacrificing on the quality of the workmanship.   We know how precious your time is, which is why we make it a point to get the job as quickly as possible. The result: you get your kitchen back again, this time transformed and ready for prepping, baking, and cooking duties.


  • Pay for the work done, nothing more

We adhere to fair pricing in all the services we offer and that includes fitting worktops.  That’s why we only charge you when the fitting worktop service is completed. Not beforehand – so you don’t pay any deposit in advance.  And certainly nothing in the way of hidden charges or fees. Not only that, we charge you for the actual time that work was done and not a minute or an hour more.


  • Book fuss-free, hassle-free, and easily

Booking an appointment is hassle-free.  Just go online to chat. Or fill out a short form and send it to us.  But if you want to talk, just call our 24-hour hotline to chat with any of our friendly customer assistance specialists.  They’ll only be too happy to help you.

Fitting worktops

Your Master will make your kitchen great… on a budget!

Proper worktop fitting done with the right tools

A busy kitchen is often riddled with knife cuts, burnt spots, and tomato sauce splatters that are likely to get in the way of your cooking experiments. The dexterous professionals know that and will bring the needed worktop clamps, sealants, and other supplies to make your new kitchen worktop installation happen. To ensure that your fitting workshops upgrade is just as appealing as it is practical, the pros will also pay extra attention to smoothen any rough edges with a special curved-edge workshop jig. When the specialists do their job and you enter your improved kitchen, reaching for that chef hat will be just a matter of time!

An optimized service that values your time

Usually, the kitchen worktop installers will get the task done in about half a day. However, more extensive restoration procedures could push that timeframe up to a whole day. Do note that our replacement of worktops service is based on the time the pros spent on-site and is charged for the initial hours and then for every half an hour. This will save you extra budget funds, which you can invest in renovating your cupboards or replacing the worn out framework of your kitchen door. So, choose a day, usher the pros in and make your kitchen great again.

Hire competent experts to do the job right the first time around

At Your Master, each professional is a man of many talents. Having received special training and always wanting to perform at their best, these skilled specialists can do anything from installing kitchen worktops to fitting a new kitchen and do so in accordance with your instructions. The pros are punctual, wear neat uniforms, and are well mannered. So, whether you’ve hired them for replacing a kitchen worktop or for a completely different project, you can always be sure that our service will deliver the results you’ve wanted all along.

It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s YourMaster booking

Need to join worktops together or a complete kitchen overhaul? Then use our client-friendly booking form to set-up your appointment with just a few casual clicks. Of course, you can always get in touch via your phone to contact our polite and helpful representatives and receive a free of charge quote for a replacement of kitchen worktops across the UK. Note that our contact options are available 24/7 and you can arrange same-day bookings at any time. So, what are you waiting for – get your kitchen back on track today!