Book furniture restoration near you to bring a new life to your beloved pieces

Book furniture restoration near you to bring a new life to your beloved pieces


  • On-site furniture repair for your home or office
  • Personalised quote
  • Skilled, experienced and insured professionals
  • Materials delivered upon request
  • Quick, clean and efficient

You get affordable and local furniture restoration services in London in just 4 steps

1.Book your service online and attach photos to explain what needs to be repaired

2.Based on the information you provide, we will be able to give you a personalised quote

3.A furniture repair specialist will come on site equipped with the right tools to do the job

4.Enjoy your newly-repaired furniture

Why it’s better to book a furniture repair service?

Yes, your bedroom furniture may not look as stunning as it did a decade ago, but take a closer look before you casually drag it to the nearest dumping ground. Because in the UK alone, over 600 000 tonnes of furniture are thrown away every year. “So what?”, we hear you ask. Well, here’s the thing – more than half of this oak furniture could have been easily restored with a few minor repairs!

Furniture repair service with an eye for detail

Why throw away perfectly usable possessions? The pros at Your Master can mend deep scratches or unsightly tears on almost any kind of home & office furniture. From performing furniture stripping to professional furniture scratch repair, the efficient handymen will use the latest available tools and methods in the field to repair your wooden furniture in a satisfactory way.

Furniture repair 1

Furniture repair company with many handy benefits

Convenient on-site furniture repair

Gone are the days when you had to bring your heavy furniture downstairs. With our wood refinishing services, you won’t have to do a thing as the pros can provide you with wood furniture repairs on the spot:

  • Refinishing stained wood & repairing old furniture;
  • Masking scratches on wooden surfaces & furniture springs repair;
  • Securing furniture joints & fixing wooden tables, desks, chairs, bookcases etc.

Skilled wood repair experts that know what they’re doing

No matter if you own a futuristic-looking cabinet or an 1800s dining table, the friendly and knowledgeable handymen will always find a way to make your new modifications fit your property’s design. And after each furniture repair London session, you’ll be glad to give your battered furnishing a second chance!

Comprehensive woodwork repair insurance

Whether it’s refinishing chairs or wooden tables, your furniture will always be completely insured for the duration of the service. Of course, each furniture fixer is committed to providing you with quality results and will make sure to handle your possessions with the utmost care.

Furniture refinishing for both your home & office

Why stop at your home when you can take your refinishing wood furniture renaissance straight to your office? The Your Master can gladly assist you with top-notch office furniture repairs that will leave your clients nothing short of impressed (and a tad envious).

The custom-tailored wooden furniture repair approach

Even if you’ve called the specialists for a simple chair repair, they will always put in the extra time and effort to do their job as quickly and carefully as possible. And if your favorite president chair has a couple of defects that you’re not particularly fond of, the pros will gladly make those disappear in a jiffy.

All materials are provided on the house

Need to replace a few drawers or loose handles? The team will carry a wide selection of components to provide your furniture with a brand new look. The shape and appearance of these elements is entirely up to you – with this furniture repair service, there is always an opportunity to express your creative side!

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can you refinish my wood table?

A: Worry not! From shallow to deep nicks and scratches on your wooden furniture, the Your Master experts can treat them all with care and best-of-breed tools. So your furniture will be restored and get a brand new look again.

Q: How to book my wood furniture repair service?

A: You only need to contact our 24/7 friendly customer service agents and explain whether it’s a dining table, worktop or chair to be refinished. Or, access the GoFantastic app and request a customised quote in less than 30 seconds.

Q: What is your furniture renovation service coverage?

A: You book a service with nationwide coverage, so worry not if your home or office is located in a London borough or somewhere else in the UK. If we cannot meet your needs currently for whatever reason, know that we are continuously expanding services to serve more and more customers’ needs.

Q: What type of furniture repair/restoration services do you specialize in?

A: As a whole, from restoring outdated furniture to eliminating imperfections, we’ve got you covered. Count on Your Master when you want to restore:
– damaged, stained or yellowish-looking furniture;
– antique objects;
– high-traffic areas like chairs, doors, and staircases, and the list goes on.

Q: What if my possession is missing a part or hardware?

A: To restore the look of your piece of furniture, the expert can cater the missing part for you.