Harden Your Windows Against Any Weather with Expert
Wooden Window Repair

The wooden window frames repair is available within M25 in the London & Manchester areas

Fix your wooden windows & improve your home’s energy efficiency

Winter is coming… and so are freezing temperatures. Now would be a good time to check your windows – if the wooden surfaces are cracked or warped, you’ll definitely want to do something about it. Get in touch with Your Master to get expert wooden window sill replacement before the chilly weather strikes and maintain your property’s charming façade. Replacing a damaged wooden window sill or frame will also lead to better insulation and, consequently, better energy efficiency for your home. And here’s a few benefits to get you started:

  • Hire skilled handymen who will offer you the best solution for your current needs;
  • Mask scratches, cracks, and other unsightly marks on your windows’ wooden surface;
  • Replace wooden window sills, frames, and any other damaged window parts;
  • Book a session for any workday, weekend, or bank holiday regardless of weather;
  • Get efficient window repairs in any district within London’s M25;
  • Benefit from extra tasks, such window painting, refinishing, and more.

Revive wooden window frames and sills of any kind

What goes into the actual repair of wooden window frames?

The professional can fix virtually any window element, be it wooden window frames, sills, or something else. Regardless of the task, the diligent handyman will follow a series of steps to deliver satisfying results at the drop of a hat. As soon as the pro arrives on site, he will:

  1. Remove any dust and rot from the wooden surfaces.
  2. Treat the affected area with professional wood filler.
  3. Replace damaged wooden window sill or frame sections (if necessary).
  4. Leave the working area spotless and collect all leftover timber.

Have rotten wooden window frames? Consider them fixed

It does not matter if you have wooden sills of yore or ones that are a mere decade old. Aged or not, the seasoned experts have mastered a variety of restoration techniques to safely bring your windows to their former glory, while leaving their unique style completely untouched. Besides repairing rotten wooden window frames or sills, the specialists can also add several coats of oil or paint your wooden textures in bright, inviting colours, changing the entire look and feel of your home. Once the job is done, the neighbouring homes won’t hold a candle to yours!

Old wooden window frames – modern restoration approach

The trained professionals will carry all equipment needed to repair your wooden window frames or sills from start to finish. For instance, the practiced handyman can carry anything from chisels, filler knifes, and wood fillers, to ladders, various grades of sandpaper, and primer, undercoat, or topcoat paints straight to your home. And with these tools in hand, the specialists will have no trouble fixing or replacing even the most weathered window segment fast and without making a ruckus – something that your neighbours will surely appreciate.

Repair internal & external wooden window sills anyday, anytime

There’s no need to switch to uPVC just yet. You can schedule a wood window frame repair session or receive a free quote as soon as you need one – our online booking form, instant website chat, and phone lines are readily at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply tell us the type of windows you have, whether they’re internal or external, and how high they’re located. Once our knowledgeable advisers review your information, they will gladly send a team over to deny winter a chance to ever sneak into your home!