Enjoy reliable washing machine and dryer repairs in the comfort of your home

The fully equipped expert near you is trained to fix malfunctions of any kind


  • Seasoned and qualified technician
  • Service fully guaranteed for 1 year
  • Delivering all needed parts to you
  • Fixing faults in models old and new

Enjoy using your appliance again in 4 simple steps

1.Schedule and book your washing machine repair service online.

2.A skilled technician will arrive to take a good look at your appliance.

3.He will identify the problem and use suitable tools and parts to fix it.

4.The expert will troubleshoot your appliance to ensure that his job is done.

Types of repairwork the washer and dryer repair near you includes

In today’s world of hectic schedule where every second counts, living without a washing machine is close to impossible. The specialist understands your frustration and can help you restore your appliance back to normal, no matter if your washing machine refuses to:

  • Spin;
  • Start;
  • Fill with water;
  • Drain water.

On the washer repair front, the specialist can offer his qualified help whenever your appliance:

  • Has a loud spin cycle;
  • Doesn’t dry clothes well;
  • Doesn’t spin at all;
  • Doesn’t drain water;
  • Doesn’t receive water.
AppointmentsMonday – Saturday
8 am – 6 pm
Freestanding and integrated
washing machine
Freestanding and integrated
combined washer dryer
Freestanding and integrated gas

* All prices are fixed and include the diagnostics, repairwork and the installation and supply of common parts provided by the technician. However, sometimes additional parts will need to be ordered. There are no part delivery, supply, or installation fees. No call-out fee.

– Prices are inclusive of VAT. Flat labour cost. Detergents are on top.

– The services are not charged by the hour.

Check prices for washing machine and dryer repair

– You will receive a written report upon service completion. If parts need to be ordered, you will receive a price quote for the order and a second visit will be arranged. The second visit will only include the cost of the ordered parts.

If you wish to cancel your appointment, please inform us no later than 48h before the start of the service.

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What to expect from your washing machine repair session in London

Thinking long term

Spending money on temporary repairs that will let you down a couple of months down the road is impractical at best. The parts supplied by the washing machine and dryer repairman come straight from the manufacturers to ensure optimal performance even under heavy workloads.

Fixing any model

All operatives under our trusted partner’s banner have successfully passed all relevant courses organised by the esteemed City & Guilds of London Institute. This means that they know the inner workings of both old & new washing machine and dryer models like the back of their hand.

Providing quality results

Other companies are quick to guarantee their work, but are often hesitant to do so when the time comes. This company has won itself a loyal following by delivering on its promise and offering 1-year guarantee for all repairs and replaced spare parts, no questions asked.

Giving expert advice

To get the most out of your repairs, you need to know how to maintain your appliance on a daily basis. Upon request, your engineer can provide you with useful washer machine and dryer maintenance tips that you can utilise to significantly prolong the life of your investment.

Frequently asked questions

Q: My washer stopped working. What should I look for?

A: See if your power or water supply has been temporarily disconnected. You can also check for leaks near the appliance or openings in the door seal. If none of these issues prevented your appliance from working, disconnect it and seek the help of a certified local technician.

Q: How quickly can the washer technician arrive?

A: Depending on the current availability, this could happen on the same-day of your booking. With 4 hours arrival time frame, the specialist will call you 30 minutes before he arrives at your address.

Q: How long do the laundry/dryer repairs typically last?

A: Most sessions last anywhere between 1 and 2 hours. This estimate, however, may vary depending on how difficult the repairs are and on whether any extra parts need to be ordered.

Q: What does your guarantee cover?

A: The entirety of the appliance repairs, as well as all parts that have been installed by the expert.

Q: Which places do the washing machine technicians cover in London?

A: Your washing machine repairman can arrive in almost any area within M25 London area, except the DA 1-18, RH 1-20, RM 1-20, SL 0-9 and TN 1-40 post codes.