Get rid of bad kitchen smells with expert waste disposal unit installation and replacement

Replace your old or install a brand new insinkerator with the help of a local technician


  • Efficient and safe installation of batch and continuous feed © Insinkerator models
  • Trained and insured experts near you with years of experience in the field
  • All work is done in line with the latest Part P building regulations in London and the UK
  • All tools and equipment for your waste disposal unit installation are fully included

Enjoy an efficient sink waste disposal installation in just 4 short steps:

1.Book your insinkerator installation or replacement service online

2.Receive a thorough on site inspection by a qualified technician

3.A plumber will redo all pipes, and the on and off button will be installed

4.A certified electrician will wire your unit to the nearest electrical source

Fitting a Sink Waste Is Easier Than Ever with the Aid of Your Master

Replacing an already existing garbage disposal unit is hard enough, but fitting a new one from scratch requires good plumbing and electrical skills. What is more the electrical supply to the waste disposal unit must be made in accordance with Part P of the building regulations. So, if you need a garbage disposal unit installed, better get a professional on the case. A qualified electrician will choose the right components, keep track of all sink connections and drain fittings, and calculate the unit’s electricity and water usage. In short, installing a waste disposal unit is best handled by a professional!

Allow the Experienced Professionals to Turn the Tide in Your Favour

With Your Master, you can quickly forget about your garbage unit woes. The qualified and skilled electrician, who will ring your doorbell, will be equipped with a modern garbage disposal installation kit, as well as with reliable electrical connections. His vast expertise will allow him to easily install a food disposal system that will work like a charm every time you switch it on. And if your disposal unit is simply jammed, the professional can readily assist you with competent waste disposal repairs or replacement on the spot.

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Standard Price – First Hour£ 80£ 85£ 85£ 95
Standard Price – Subsequent Half Hours£ 42£ 45£ 48£ 50

Booked 3 hours, but the job took 2? No worries, you only pay for the actual time the service took.

Minimum appointment time: 1 hour. After the first hour, we will charge on a half-hour basis. Prices are inclusive of all taxes.

Upon your request, the technician can source additional materials from the local store. We charge £48 per hour to supply them and the costs for the shopping time and materials will be added separately on top of the price.

T&Cs and Minimum Charges apply. When we calculate the price, we also take into consideration the area’s dimensions and the time of the appointment. All prices and deals are valid for areas within M25. Deals cannot be combined with any other deals and promotions. Prices are subject to availability. Congestion charges are excluded (when applicable).

Waste disposal installation

All you need to know about your Insinkerator installation session

While there is no best garbage disposal unit to rule them all, you can generally choose between two kinds of food disposal installation. The first type involves spinning blades that cut all the waste into tiny shreds. The alternative is similar to a grinding wheel – rotating inside a serrated edge, it crushes all waste, such as fruit peels and even small bones, into easily removable pulp. It is also worth mentioning that, generally, reliable home depot waste disposal units tend to work quietly. Your helpful specialists will choose a food waste unit that will always run silently regardless of the kitchen sink type you own (stainless steel, ceramic, plastic, etc.).

We will help you pick the right kitchen sink waste disposal unit

While installing an insinkerator is not exactly complicated, the professionals will need to know your preferences in order to meet your needs and budget. Here are a couple of things you need to keep in mind:

  • Cutter quality – Every in-sink garbage disposer contains a stationary cutter and one that rotates when the unit is powered on. For best results, the reliable pros can install a waste disposal model with cast iron cutters. Those, however, will significantly increase the final cost of the unit;
  • Unit dimensions – Make sure to measure the space under your sink and mention the exact dimensions to the specialists. The team will then look for a garbage disposal unit that will not only easily fit into your shelf, but also leave enough space for storing various cleaning products;
  • The unit’s motor size – You need a powerful (and hence big) motor to get the most out of your disposal unit. Your technicians can happily supply you with a 475 Watt model that will be able to grind through any type of food leftovers.
  • Noise levels – Disposal units are usually powered by either induction (more efficient, but louder) or permanent magnet (less efficient, but quieter) motors. However, your technicians may recommend getting magnet motors if your pipe work is too long or if it gets clogged a tad too often.

Count on the professionals for a proper disposal installation

It does not matter if you need a simple kitchen garbage disposal repair or a quick and tidy insinkerator removal and installation service. The precise handyman team has what it takes to safely repair or replace any existing sink garbage disposer, as well as wire the latest available model in your kitchen, all at a fair price. Each pro is committed to quality and will gladly put his knowledge to the test to install a garbage disposal unit that will meet your individual requirements from start to finish. At the end, you will receive a detailed estimate that will list all spendings you made on your fitting sink waste service.

Frequently asked questions

Q: I need to install a new waste disposal unit under my sink.
How will the plumber get the job done?

A: When performing waste disposal unit installation, the technicians will:
– Turn off the power to remove all drain lines;
– Install the new kitchen waste disposal unit and its wiring;
– Mount the disposal system on its designated spot;
– Re-attach the previously removed drain lines.

Q: My Insinkerator got broken. What is the typical trouble-free replacement process?

A: When the efficient pros need to replace an insinkerator, they will:
– Thoroughly inspect the food waste disposer installation;
– Turn off the power to remove all drain lines;
– Remove the dishwasher knockout;
– Disconnect the old waste king disposal installation unit;
– Neatly fit the new sink waste and its wiring;
– Mount the disposal unit in its designated spot;
– Reconnect the drain lines back to the disposal unit.

Q: How much does the waste disposer service cost?

A: You pay based on the hours spent on the job and only if you are satisfied with the specialist’s work. We do charge for the inspection by a qualified specialist. For more information,have a look at the above table with the example regular prices.

Q: What is your area coverage?

A: You can enjoy full coverage in London and surroundings.